Brapper makes big moves into live-streaming revenue streams


Hey gamer gals and geeks, are you looking for a way to start accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment? Well, have no fear, the development team which is currently reimagining Brapper token has announced their intention to start offering Brapper as a means of patronizing your favorite live streams. In a bid to rival such titans as Streamlabs and Patreon, the Brapper development team has begun looking into expanding its reach by encompassing gaming live streams as well. In this article, we are going to look at some reasons why Brapper could be positioned to be the right coin at the right time.


3rd party verification with

In an online world, trust is a commodity. Gone are the days of closing a deal with a handshake and a smile. Now we use smart contracts, 3rd party verification, and PGP encryption to verify our identities but, the Brapper Network has a dog in the fight with . This site aims to serve as another layer in identity management by acting as a trusted 3rd party. Any Individual can become Brapper verified in a quick and easy process and by doing so you can simplify your cryptocurrency experience and have an easy entry into the world of peer 2 peer payments and digital assets. And this leads us to our second point

Brapper makes cryptocurrency easy

For easy instructions on setting up your very own tipping URL click link above.

Cryptocurrency has a very steep learning curve and this is something that cryptocurrency users have come to accept but, for people who just want to add cryptocurrency as a revenue stream, this can be a major barrier to entry. Thankfully, Brapper has simplified the process of distributing and managing your payment address. Using your link and associated MetaMask/ ethereum address, you can link all of your cryptocurrency addresses together, right in your browser. This greatly simplifies the process of trading and managing coins and allows users the convenience of having a one-wallet-fits-all approach to storing and managing multiple coins. This makes getting your fist payment in cryptocurrency as easy as pie.

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Keep all of your earnings

A lot of the gamers I have heard complaining online about not getting to keep as much as the tips as they should. This is a result of greedy CEO’s trying to take your hard-earned revenue. Brapper is different because Brappers value depends on circulation. You see, a cryptocurrency value is tied to its usefulness in the real world. As a currency becomes more useful, it also becomes more valuable. This creates an incentive for Brapper to minimize transaction fees. That is why Brapper doesn’t charge any fees to streamers and that is because user fees are not in the Brappers business model.

You can find out much more information at the official website

Below are just a few of the people who have already been 3rd party registered. Some of them are also wearing some of the Brapper Token merchandise.

Be part of the revolution. Brapper is a bridge to making crypto easy. Earn tips in Brapper anywhere you have your URL. Post it on your Bio’s like Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, and get ready to start getting tips in cryptocurrencies.

you can tip in $BRAP

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Anyone and everyone can get a URL! Don’t get left out, I even got one.

This is not financial advice. I bought some of these myself to hold a bag and to tip. Trading competition starts on Etherflyer soon, don’t miss out!

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