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After Qassem Soleimani was assassinated with a military drone on January 3, 2020, the people of Iran and Iraq take to the streets. Here is a clip of that footage from Ali Hashem on Twitter. Millions of people lament over the death of Qassem Soleimani

Qassem Soleimani: A General…

If this woman looks familiar to you, maybe you read my previous article you can check it out in a link below for more information on cryptocurrencies and how Brapper Token or BRAP is making crypto easy. This is just an update to my readers to let them know…


Hey gamer gals and geeks, are you looking for a way to start accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment? Well, have no fear, the development team which is currently reimagining Brapper token has announced their intention to start offering Brapper as a means of patronizing your favorite live streams. In a bid to rival such titans as Streamlabs and Patreon, the Brapper development team has begun looking into expanding its reach by encompassing gaming live streams as well. In this article, we are going to look at some reasons why Brapper could be positioned to be the right coin at the right time.

Bitcoin dropped below $10,000 as US Congress picks apart Facebook’s Cryptocurrency, LIBRA. Mark Z., after issues with everyone’s data on Facebook, is now trying to overtake BITCOIN.

Bitcoin will never die!

Bitcoin Art from Pixabay

I remember a time, not long ago when Facebook had banned all Cryptocurrency marketing ads. Several years later Facebook added 69 Billion Dollars to their market cap since they have released news of releasing their cryptocurrency, Libra.

Live footage from Congress earlier today on Bitcoin $BTC

This has actually been the best thing, in my opinion for mass adoption. Due to what I heard watching the videos that I have shared below. This is history in the making. Congress gets the definition of the difference between Bitcoin and a “shitcoin.”

Ms. Demirors explains the difference between Bitcoin and “shitcoins”

“if we don’t make it possible to build cryptocurrency businesses here, they’ll be built elsewhere.” -@Melt_Dem ( Ms. Demirors )

If you don’t know about cryptocurrencies now, you might want to watch this video or anything by him.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos Below on -The Future of Money

Right now, at this very moment, every transaction is being recorded. While you sit there reading this article, the ever-seeing eye is watching. In the adult entertainment industry, privacy is even more important. Being able to verify who you are, without revealing who you are is a valuable commodity. Thankfully, the clever developers over at Brapper have given us a solution. By reimagining the functionality of a crypto coin network, Brapper has presented us with unique innovation on common features.

When a camgirl/gamer opens a stream, she/they/he opens themselves up to all kinds of people and some of them are not very nice. It is not uncommon for these people to be exploited by dubious viewers who play the credit card system to their advantage and cost these people a large percentage of their revenue. Chargebacks can be a nasty way to take advantage of these actors and Brapper is an easy solution to this. All transactions on the brapper network are irreversible and permanent thereby rendering chargebacks inoperable.

~UPDATE~ you can now use $Brap at these exchanges:


Brapper Token makes the bridge to receiving crypto for tips easy. Follow the easy to understand instructions in the link below and you will have your very own tipping URL.

So many new exchanges every day hard to…

In this article, I will be showing you how to set up your Ethereum wallets. I will tell you about a few crypto games I play and will be doing a full review of the Multiverse Enjin games that are in Beta and the other Blockchain games I have mentioned in the future.

I first got into Blockchain Gaming in Q2 of 2018, and it all started with Ethereum & CryptoKitties. You can check out their website here:

and more about the CryptoKitties and the future of Kittyverse

#Kittyverse is where you will find the devs, who have been hard at work behind the scenes. They offer so much more than just breeding, this is one of the up and coming games for your Cryptokitties:

Dapper Labs and CryptoKitties have programs available on the kittyverse

The Developer Program is for anyone that wants to start hacking (their digital furballs)

I learned about #Ethereum. I ❤️ $ETH #ETH

Image by Peter Patel on Pixabay

and gas. I downloaded MEW

and started a META MASK.

Ethereum is both a cryptocurrency and a decentralized computing platform. I have to tell you the reader a little bit more about ETH before I can explain the importance of Blockchain gaming. One of the reasons Ethererum came to be so prominent is because of the creator, Vitaly Dmitriyevich “Vitalik” Buterin. Vitalik is a Russian-Canadian programmer and writer primarily known as a co-founder of Ethereum and as a co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine. (taken from Wikipedia ) Vitalik is known to have been a big gamer before creating Ethereum and so it is no wonder that ethereum has such a massive gaming culture.

A short video clip of Vitalik talking to Business Insider about Ethereum.

Vitalik’s website

Here is a longer Full interview of Vitalik talking about Eth if you are interested, much respect to Vitalik

The One and Only


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NFT Collector2018 NFT Artist 2020. Crypto marketing blogging since 2017 #NFTs #ETH #NFTart #CryptoTonya

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